Design studio and a poetry & emotion visual producer



Creating a new connection with visitors.

ADMEMORI is a boutique, innovative design studio with outstanding expertise in motion graphics, digital display and video content. We constantly rethink and re-energize the role of images in public spaces. We set the standard for enhancing visits to shopping malls, offices, airports, hotels, flagship and chain stores. ADMEMORI conceives, designs and implements made-to-measure digital installations. Our technology and creative content are tailored to your location, its style and architectural flow. They grab and focus the audience’s attention, which so often wanders while on the move in busy public spaces – such locations offer the heavy footfall so attractive to brands.

Enhancing visitor experience and recall.

ADMEMORI creates a new evocative visual ‘vocabulary’ based on the best art and design practice. We aim to engage the audience with instant impact, breaking the conventional rules of narrative communications. We change the way visitors experience time, and transform client premises with our unique brand of effective aesthetics, emotional triggers and state-of-the-art designs. ADMEMORI’S digital installations combine the application of strategic visitor flow and behavior analysis with a close match for the ambient architectural style; they blend harmoniously with the materials and décor.

ADMEMORI works with image texture as our building material. We operate at the boundary between the physical and digital worlds, creating stand-out displays. ADMEMORI will engage your target audience in a stimulating experience that turns a visit or shopping trip into a memorable, landmark event.

ADMEMORI’s expertise combines seamlessly with the work of interior designers and architects. Our market research and extensive experience of international projects show that our novel range of emotional connections help to generate footfall. Visitors stay longer, return more often and favor our displays as a route marker and a discussion point.

ADMEMORI develops designs and content to help generate additional revenue for real estate owners and brands. We engage your audience in an interactive, social or augmented reality experience.

Helping make brands and locations more desirable.

Shopping malls, hotels and offices are facing serious disruption from e-commerce. ADMEMORI offers one of the best solutions to these new challenges. We counter the threat to bricks-and-mortar business with a cutting-edge approach for brands and real estate owners.

Our expertise is recognized throughout the world.

ADMEMORI has designed and delivered more than 160 major digital installations around the world since 2007.

ADMEMORI offers its expertise to owners and managers of real estate, be it an office block or shopping mall, airport, duty free shop, hotel, restaurant, museum, architectural or interior design studio. We monitor the effective performance of our digital installations with market research and ongoing analysis so we can optimize their impact and meet our clients’ growth objectives.



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