ADMEMORI. A for Art. D for Design.
MEMORI for Memory. Creating strong impressions & memorable experiences.
VISUAL POETRY. Our displays forge an emotional connection with an inattentive audience on the move.


ADMEMORI tests the boundaries between creativity, physical space and lasting memories. Our digital installations press pause and draw out dwell-time; we work as closely as we can with interior designers and architects, to make our designs fit naturally into the space available. We root your target audience to the spot and create a contemplative mood plus powerful, memorable experiences. Our art can play a variety of roles in a visit, stay or purchase. ADMEMORI’s creative content and film tableaux grow organically from art, design and architecture, while also drawing on advertising formats and conventions. By rethinking image production and by creating eye-catching artistic displays, ADMEMORI has created a new form of expression which will decorate or renovate – and thus enhance – the visitor experience in a commercially effective way.


5 in 1

1 – Strategy to achieve your aims
2 – Design for graphics to fit the architectural space
3 – Advice on screen, LED and mirror technology
4 – Content creation with art, visual poetry and an emotional response
5 – Market research tailored to optimizing the creative content


We build a bespoke relationship with each customer; we will:

Familiarize ourselves with your brand and your building.
Understand your context, your challenges, your aims and expectations.
Analyze the way your site works and is used.
Observe your audience and understand the visitor flow.
Share our strategic vision for digital media at your site.
Develop strategic responses: design, technology and content.
Create content which works and fits your architectural style.
Integrate creative designs with technology to create unique digital displays.
Operate installations over time, with seasonal content tailored.
Deploy the best processes when we commission your installations.
Measure the impact of our displays on your visitors.
Optimize creative content continuously to add value.



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