Our approach : a unique combination between creativeness, location and memory

At a crossroad of movies, art, scenography, architecture and design, our studio applies a cross-disciplinary vision of the creative act; digital paintings in motion, metaphoric journeys, emotional landscapes, re-enchanted spaces and objects.

The technological display is closely intricate with the subject, both connecting with the location and insuring the best possible perception of the message.

Admemori texturizes the image, turning it into a material of its own. Our studio shapes the image in all its subtleties, bringing out the unique features matching the architecture or the décor. Technology becomes a new material, like a new texture, which can be used in the construction of style boards.

Markers in the visiting experiment

With our 9-year experience of complex projects, of empirical and analytical observations of how people behave in public spaces, our installations are meant to allow the best possible understanding, appropriation and memorization of a message in public spaces.

Throughout our inclusive approach, we make sure that the whole visiting journey becomes so desirable that it builds loyalty and desirability.


Inspiration and analysis: HOW DO WE WORK

Our creations are combine inspiration and research based on observation. It is a matrix approach.

1 – Analysis phase : exploring the location, its use, its functionalities, its finality, clients or visitors typology.

2 – Goals definition, strengths and weaknesses

3 – Creative and technological answers

4 – Implementation and research



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