21 Châteaudun

Digital Welcome

Digitalize architecture to beautify the space.

As part of the renovation of the 21 rue Châteaudun office building in Paris, built in the 1930s under the influence of the “American buildings”, ADMEMORI worked with DTACC architecture which as designed a digital installation integrated into the ceiling of the entrance of the building. This creation follows the interior architecture and plays trompe l’oeil with interior decoration materials. Like an open ceiling, this custom digital design creates the sensation of an opening moving outwards.

To give life to this new entrance, ADMEMORI created an artwork in this digital ceiling. In the extension of the natural layers drawn on the walls, reproduced in digital, a starry sky and its northern lights, the tops of trees bathed in the sunlight or a water basin seen from below, come to create the surprise in the course of visit. Designed as an organic living material, the ceiling is textured and comes into dialogue with the materials of the new design of the lobby, as if it were opening and closing. This digital ceiling gives a unique signature to this renovated asset and redefines the spirit of 21 rue Châteaudun by embodying it in a breath as virtual as real. It remains only to contemplate …


• Contribute to the attractiveness of the asset.
• Increase leasing value.



Project Owner: JLL – Content creation: ADMEMORI – Technology: FlexLedLight – Concept/Design: DTACC