Digital shopping experience

How shoppers are encouraged to stay and celebrate Christmas.

ADMEMORI worked with the British property development and investment firm, Hammerson, on the design and creative content for a unique digital installation at the 3 Fontaines shopping center. Our installation is located beneath the down escalator at ‘Les Fontaines’, one of the main plazas. It glides to the ground into our augmented reality fish pond. The columns on either side are equipped with digital fish tanks that capture strong attention from shoppers. They both complement the installation and brighten up the location (*).

Our creative content immerses shoppers in an aquatic digital experience which reflects the ‘3 fountains’ in the name of the shopping center. For the holiday season, this pool of light is transformed alternately into a Christmas village offering a variety of displays, and a pond full of fish in festive colors. Our augmented reality pond even offers an opportunity for shoppers to create their own fish using a mobile app. Visitors can interact with their fish every time they shop: feed it, watch it grow and share it on social media.

Our strategic target: to give shoppers something unexpected (**).

Concept and Technology: Dalcans (specialists in technological solutions).
Interactive app: Zen’to (specialists in connected digital solutions).

* (Two thirds of French shoppers would like lighter, brighter shopping areas – Source IPSOS).
** (65% of French shoppers want shopping centers to give them something unexpected – Source IPSOS).



Strategic planning / Content creation