Digital Shopping Experience

CELIO creates a digital show on the Champs-Élysées.

As part of the refurbishment of its flagship store on the prestigious Avenue des Champs-Élysées which was transformed into a POP UP Store, the men apparel brand CELIO digitizes in a spectacular way its window displays. Designed by ADMEMORI, this new face of digital design embracing the architectural framework of the windows is intended to share, with the public, customers and fans, the values ​​of “Lifestyle” and the “unexpected” side of the brand.

In a unity of atmosphere and coherence with the new interior of the POP UP Store, the digital windows offer a live show that creates confusion between reality and virtual. This aesthetic show, whose motive is the movement, offers entertainment on the Champs-Élysées. 4 talented dancers use the space by moving from one digital window to another, alterning between real-time speed and slow motion. In a cool posture, closer to the DNA of the brand, the dancers do not take themselves seriously and play with the public. An opportunity to create a relationship and live a cool experience with the brand between illusion spaces, jump effects, hide and seek, Mix’n’body and levitation.

This digital choreography, under the artistic direction of Golan YOSEF, dancer and Dutch actor, chosen in 2010 to play Dracula in the musical of the same name, brings vitality to CELIO in the urban space. In a “meanstream” spirit, Stéphane VERNIER, Daniel RALPH (musicals Cleopatra and Saturday Night Fever), Matthew KNEF and Yanis SI AH (Grease musical comedy), dressed in CELIO, dance with lightness, amplitude and relaxation in the decor of the building site interior of the shop reproduced in digital showcase. By the effect of the physicality of the spaces, 3D images, games of lights (neon lights), reproduced material (concrete), the digital show, with the codes and identity of the brand. CELIO wishes to reinforce its customer experience in the crowded retail environment of the Champs-Elysées.


CELIO stimulates the behavior of passers-by. The show captures the eyes of passers-by through an effect of depth and acceleration. This concept slows the crowded public, freezes time, invites contemplation, increases desirability of the point of sale and strengthens the relationship and commitment to the brand.

Strategy, Design and Digital Design co-imagined by Philippe Lepron and the ADMEMORI team who carried the project in his memory. Content Production by ADMEMORI in collaboration with NACO PRODUCTIONS for the scenography and ARCH Led for the technology. Special thanks to talented choreographer Golan YOSEF, along with dancers Stéphane VERNIER, Daniel RALPH, Matthew KNEF and Yanis SI AH. Thanks to CELIO.


CLIENT : CELIO        LOCATION : Paris – Champs Elysées         DATE : 2018

Strategy, design and production of content