Experience Shopping

To differentiate CentrO from other shopping malls.

ADMEMORI worked with UNIBAIL-RODAMCO to transform CentrO in Düsseldorf with digital design. CentrO is the busiest shopping mall in Germany with 16 million visits a year. As efficiency ADMEMORI’S Digital Dream for the 4 Temps Shopping Center in La Défense, our creative and digital design studio conceived an exceptional digital installation right at the heart of the mall. We located it strategically for maximum visitor attention and footfall; it invites shoppers to share a moment of relaxing contemplation. Four large, curved screens flank the upper entrance to the main thoroughfare and are enhanced by a circular digital ribbon screen set prominently on the rotunda’s edge between the ground and first floors.

Our content plays across all screens simultaneously in a consistent strategy that draws on our Digital Dream experience. Design and function combine to offer visitors a compelling experience and advertisers a dedicated space to run their advertising video exclusively for a whole week. Our digital installation enhances UNIBAIL-RODAMCO’S existing digital strategy: large digital screens turn a shopping trip into a memorable experience.

Our strategic aims:

1. To increase store dwell time for undecided shoppers.
2. To create a relaxing public arena as an incentive to stay longer at CentrO.
3. To offer brands an exclusive, immersive space where they can reach their target audience.



Digital strategy and content