Coeur defense – Signage

Digital art signage

Our aim: to create a visitor/staff experience that goes beyond displaying data.

CŒUR DEFENSE was designed 15 years ago by Jean Paul Viguier. This is one of the major architectural business complexes in Europe, accommodating more than 8,000 staff. As part of its renovation, ADMEMORI designed an informative and artistic digital experience, routed through 15 installations located at key circulation points in the building.

ADMEMORI worked with architect Maude Caubet to send visitors on a data ‘journey’, enlivening the inorganic atrium with light and warmth. We created a dynamic, digital map by which building users can access different parts of the building. It identifies business tenants so visitors can recognize them easily. ADMEMORI brings Cœur Défense bang up to date and raises its potential rental value.



Strategy and creative concept