Our aim: to explain and raise the profile of the Group’s varied employment opportunities.

ADMEMORI produced a panoramic digital fresco to highlight the various professions within the Group. It plays in a loop, enhancing ELIOR’s refurbished HQ in La Défense, Paris. The wall display welcomes visitors and employees. At over 11m long, it forms an integral part of the site. Our design and its placement set out to achieve maximum impact and memorability and optimal visitor footfall.

Based on the creative principle of a job board, the many job roles in the ELIOR Group file past visitors. On arrival, they are drawn into a rhythmic stroll through ELIOR’s world, accompanied by music. This music plays without a recognisable beginning or end, and can be heard throughout the visit.

We designed ELIOR’s display to :

1. draw attention to the job roles within ELIOR
2. underline ELIOR’s innovation expertise to visitors
3. project a dynamic image of ELIOR to talented current and future employees.


CLIENT : ELIOR   LOCATION : Paris La Défense – FRANCE   DATE : 2016

Design / Art Direction / Content creation