Emotion Aranya

luxury experience living

Promoting the forthcoming feel-good factor of life in Piramal Realty’s apartments in Mumbai.

‘That Aranya feeling’ offers an innovative approach to marketing luxury residential developments: it’s a viewing with added feel-good factor. We don’t describe this magical setting, we let it unfurl before your very eyes.

Welcome to the bold new world of Aranya! Piramal’s show home spans 200m² across 2 stories, presenting an experience of luxury living in the two Aranya towers, yet to be built. ‘That Aranya feeling’ reaches out to visitors, with a welcoming, lyrical tale created by Admemori’s Paris studio. From the moment visitors step into the show home, this feel-good Aranya experience immerses them in a world of exceptional promise and luxurious lifestyles. They live the dream in a virtual apartment within one of the two prestigious residential tower blocks to be built at Byculla, in southern Mumbai – between the sea and the wonderful Jijamata Udyan zoo.

‘That Aranya feeling’ is an ode to nature. Our video is a work of graphic art unveiling the lofty inspiration behind the design for this architectural masterpiece. Transparent cubes float and dance through Byculla scenes: their artistic energy takes us to Aranya’s inspirational origins. The cubes journey around the towers’ local landmarks: the Aga Khan Mausoleum, Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Rajabai Clock Tower, Gloria Church and Sheth Motisha Jain Temple. Potential buyers for the future apartments are transported into a choreographed spectacle that conveys all the ambition of this exceptional project. A voyage of inspiration engages visitors with the dream of these properties, soon to become reality. This is where Aranya’s spirit draws its first breaths: in the show home and in visitors’ minds.

Our aims videos:

1. To provide a new show home experience.
2. To reveal the essence of the location and the promise of a luxurious lifestyle.
3. To pique visitors’ interest and bring out the great story behind this real estate.



Strategy, design concept and artwork production.