digital welcome

Create an innovative welcome signal.

As part of the move of FAURECIA (a global leader in automotive technology) in its new headquarters, ADMEMORI imagined an artistic film to welcome visitors and employees in the entrance of the main lobby. This film aims to express, artistically, the DNA and dimension of the FAURECIA group. It acts as a first impression of the visit while reflecting the group’s innovation and commitment to sustainable mobility.

Luminous flux, symbolizing the automotive movement, digital forest with bluish colors in a technological environment, glittering iconic architectural lines of the cities where the FAURECIA group is established in the world … all these scenographic elements of the film move from right to left and accompanies the flow of visitors and collaborators as they head to the elevators at the corner of the digital installation.

Objectives sought:

• Create a first impression of a dynamic visit.
• Affirm the innovation dimension of FAURECIA.


CLIENT : FAURECIA      LOCATION : France      DATE : 2018

Design & production of content. Technology implemented by VIDELIO.