Hour Passion

Shopping signage

To create a visual impact and arouse travelers’ curiosity.

ADMEMORI designed an eye-catching digital arch for HOUR PASSION’s store in Gatwick Airport. Our animated digital archway is at the apex of digital art, communication and design. It offers a permanent artistic display with varied editorial content.

Our creative principles:

ADMEMORI created a time-themed artwork in the form of an hourglass counting down the seconds. The mechanics of time feature in close-up as giant watch faces tick ever onwards on the arch. Our artwork displays the watch brands offered in store and alternates with the brands’ own advertising content.

Our strategic aims:

1. To attract travelers’ attention and draw them into the store.
2. To create a visual interlude in travelers’ journeys.
3. To underscore the store’s differentiation from the surrounding retail environment.



Strategic design and content