Nice Airport


How we enhanced memorization and added value to brand advertising.

JC DECAUX chose ADMEMORI to design a digital installation for NICE AIRPORT. This expands current advertising using media, above and beyond conventional dynamic airport signage.

ADMEMORI’s creative concept focused both on the design and placement of screens along the 40m corridor leading to the duty free zone. The experience is concentrated on the last two thirds of the passenger journey. A sound system plays, and five digital screens stand tall in formation, and at angle on the right-hand side. These huge screens repeat images on the 3 lateral screens on the left. Our digital sign-off can be seen on a square, wall-mounted screen in direct line of sight as travelers leave the corridor.

Our installation was designed so content memorability and traveler footfall would combine for maximum impact.

The advertising content forms and reforms on all the synchronized digital screens. Our creative use of sound creates an immersive experience for travelers, taking them to the heart of the brand being advertised.

Our digital installation was designed to:

1. Capture and focus travelers’ attention
2. Make the advertising more memorable
3. Enhance the advertising opportunities for brands
4. Project a dynamic image of Nice Airport to travelers.



Strategic planning / Design