La coupole des Halles

digital shopping experience

Sublimate the architecture. Highlight the entrance. Encourage passers-by to go up in the mall.

On the Romanesque route of one of the most beautiful cities in the South of France, the shopping center “La Coupole des Halles” offers a unique shopping experience, in an emblematic building of Nîmes la Romaine, overlooked by its glass cupola of 12 meters in diameter.

Located on a part of the Halles de Nîmes, this mall has the particularity of being multi-level. To get in, you have to use freshly renovated escalators, which are surrounded by a glass facade. As part of this renovation, ADMEMORI imagined a digital architectural signature to highlight the entrance and encourage the public to enter La Coupole des Halles. ADMEMORI proposed to AVIVA France, to add digital to the design of the escalators set behind the large windows of the main entrance, like a digital work of art featuring the new glass envelope which contains thirty shops and restaurants. restaurants. This work also enhances the structure redesigned by Cazenove Architects & Associates.

To give life to this new entrance, ADMEMORI also created the artwork “Candybirds” broadcasted on these digital escalators, installed by ARCH Led.

“Candybirds” is a film with a Pop Mechanical influence inspired by the Pinball world and its electric colors. The visitor discovers a set of mechanisms, each more surprising than the other, guided by a bird that symbolizes flying away. In the manner of a “roller coaster”, this artistic film initiates an upward movement.

In order to promote the stores of the mall, logos are revealed in the content. Digital window displays complete the shopping journey.

Objectives sought:

• Create a signal from the street.
• Invite passers-by to enter the mall.
• Sublimate architecture in a modern way.
• Highlight the brand stores in the mall.



Design and Content by ADMEMORI. Technology Installation by ARCH LED.