Las Arenas

digital shopping experience

To give a grandiose retailtainment and artistic visit experience to Millenials.

With the aim of entertaining the millennials of the Las Arenas shopping center in Barcelona, ADMEMORI has created, in collaboration with TRISON, a digital artwork.

The artwork created by ADMEMORI is a tribute to the work of mosaic, a decorative art very long used during antiquity. Renewed in a more architectural principle by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi who transformed the face of Barcelona, this art inspired the creation for Las Arenas. Two worlds have been created as moving circular mosaics. The first was created to remind the proximity of Barcelona with the Mediterranean and give the impression that the mosaic is aquatic. The second is much more solar, embodying Spain with a dominant red color ornamented by golden touches that appeal to the heat and sun of the peninsula!

The goal has been to set up the central square of the visit route. The digital installation invites visitors to “play” with the desired content to create confusion between contemplation and interactivity.


1.Entertain Millenial visitors during their shopping.
2.Increase dwell time.
3.Make Las Arenas a memorable shopping destination that creates desire to come back.


CLIENT : LAS ARENAS – LOCATION : Espagne,Barcelona – DATE : 2018

Content design and production : ADEMORI – Digital design concept : TRISTON