Los Angeles Airport

travel immersive experience

Offer travelers a spectacular and entertaining wait or transit time.

In one of the most digitized airport hubs in the world with 7 major iconic digital installations (Portals (X2), Storyboard, Time Tower, Destination Board, Bon Voyage, Welcome Wall), ADMEMORI has designed two new digital opus. This renewal of artistic content, entrusted by JCDecaux North America to ADMEMORI, was conceived in close connection with the symbolism of California.

“Iconic Paintings” is a first film that takes the codes and principles of different artists from the California scene. This film is a long journey with the colors and pop influences of the 60s that mark the imprint of the city of Los Angeles.

“Combinations” is a second film made of typical Californian sun objects. They come alive by creating “impossible” combinations. The film also takes us to California’s beaches and under the palm trees of the Hollywood Boulevard stars.


CLIENTS : JCDECAUX North America for LAX Airport,  LIEU : Los Angeles – USA,  DATE : since 2018

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