L’usine – design spirit

mapping art identity

Admemori for a more memorable visitor experience.

ADMEMORI has tuned a new digital display to fit the premium identity of L’USINE, a Parisian gym and fitness center. The dynamic, trompe l’œil logo is constantly on the move: it underpins the chic brand positioning and design at the Paris branch of this iconic gym, with a presence in Brussels and Geneva.

ADMEMORI interpreted the U of L’USINE as a light sculpture which blends into the stone wall, onto which we map a seasonal projection. This design fits naturally into the interior and existing décor. It sits right at the heart of the club, in the corridor leading to the different wellness areas. Our artistic reception design reaches out to welcome members and provides a contemplative, emotionally engaging brand signature.

Our strategic aims:

1. To capture L’USINE’s identity and align with its interior design philosophy.
2. To incorporate a modern feel into each gym visit.
3. To make the gym visitor experience more memorable.



Strategy and creative concept / design