phygital shopping experience

A cutting-edge phygital art experience marks Muse as a uniquely artistic shopping mall brand.

MUSE forms part of a local renewal scheme and its hallmark Jean-Paul Viguier architecture flies the flag for Metz’s fresh new look. MUSE promises ‘creative shopping’, in a conscious echo of its prestigious contemporary art neighbor, the Centre Pompidou-Metz. MUSE invites visitors to enjoy an original shopping experience overflowing with creativity.

The Apsys Group entrusted ADMEMORI with the digital design concept and implementation for a visitor experience to encapsulate their aim. ADMEMORI created the MuseèArt concept to underline MUSE’s brand positioning, using various art forms to accompany the visitor as they shop. ADMEMORI’s boutique digital studio also designed three displays which blend the phygital and virtual seamlessly with the real world.


1 – The first-ever phygital Art Library enhances the visitor experience

ADMEMORI invites you to stop for a moment and absorb the amazing digital ‘art library’ display by Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés. It is located in Place d’O, leading off one the center’s main entrances. The library underpins Muse’s stimulating core values at the interface between art, lifestyle and culture. ADMEMORI used the architect’s original drawing and added new digital texture to surprising trompe-l’oeil effect:

• A bookcase wall with several animated cubes, positioned seemingly at random, reveals a collection of virtual objects to act as digital signposts.
• The central digital bookcase offers visitors an interactive experience. They can browse through four books about Muse’s artistic aspects.
• Visitors can watch the moving graphic displays, including a sculpture, aquarium and vase.
• With ‘Selfie Art’, visitors can ‘paint’ their own portrait in the style of a famous artist, and share it on social media. Each portrait is displayed in the library as a virtual painting.


2 – Huge digital mirrors mark out the main walkways and screen firefighting equipment

ADMEMORI customized the doors screening firefighting equipment by making them into digital mirrors. Two artworks will act as signposts for visitors:

• ‘Paint Waves’ unveils the wide range of food, fashion, design and creative shopping available at Muse in Metz using a pop-art style.
• ‘Mondrian Faces’ will play on colors colliding in a portrait gallery, immersing visitors in a work of art.
Our digital mirrors fit the architectural flow of the mall with their soft-touch display of light and reflections. Our creative content appears to float, weightlessly. To the human eye, it seems to escape the confines of the mirrors.


3 – ‘Digital gabions’ on the external façade introduce Muse and its brands

With the latest in phygital technology, ADMEMORI created ‘moving gabions’. Seven digital installations mounted right up against the physical gabions mark out Muse’s entrances.
Our digital installations can appear and disappear from view, picking up the stone texture of the frontage itself. They catch visitors by surprise with their creative content – be it climbing vegetation, flowers or light effects. Our digital gabion baskets also take turns to disappear behind brand logos, presented as simple and impactful signage.


Aims and advantages:

1. To make a significant contribution to MUSE’s overarching artistic brand.
2. To create digital landmarks and enhance the shopping experience.
3. To differentiate Muse using innovative technology.
4. To enhance the visitor experience and encourage return visits.
5. To lengthen dwell time in the mall.

Systems integrator: Dalcans // Interactive library: ADMEMORI with X. Gruchet // Selfie Art app: Zen’To


CLIENT : APSYS GROUP   LOCATION : Metz – France   DATE : 2017

Design strategy, concept and content creation