MIRROR, mirror

a world of digital mirrors

Our digital mirrors and creative artistry reflect our clients’ brands and architectural styles.

ADMEMORI conceives, designs and installs tailor-made digital mirrors. We undertake these projects during the renovation, upgrading or redecoration of prime office, retail, hotel or leisure retail estate. ADMEMORI dreams up and designs these high-tech mirror walls as an awe-inspiring digital welcome.

Enhancing visitor and shopping experiences

Our unique mirrored masterpieces are inviting to visitors, clients and employees alike. We make them to fit your space and location. Our innovative mirror walls give a glimpse of the future and pause to reflect. They enhance and underscore the surrounding architecture – an interactive and appealing interplay of light to reflect the construction materials and décor. Images dance weightlessly before your eyes. They seem to escape the constraints of the mirror.

Impress your visitors with a new type of messaging

Our creative images can sum up a brand’s values, reflecting the essence of the architecture and the company’s outward-looking, technological side. Our mirror walls can act as digital signage, giving out useful information such as the location of business occupants and real-time stock information.

Our strategic aims:

1. To create innovative messaging and an amazing first impression.
2. To give visitors and shoppers the very latest in technological experiences.
3. To create a lasting impression and bring the site bang up-to-date.