digital shopping experience

How to stand out on the most prestigious avenue in the World.

Admemori conceived, designed and installed new digital windows at Orange’s prestigious Champs Elysées store, having previously worked on their new Orange Opéra concept store. This rendezvous of on-trend transparent LED technology with impressive content is the perfect place to see and be seen.

Huge digital windows on either side of the entrance draw your eyes into the store. Our display highlights Orange’s fiber broadband, other offers and product innovations.

At night, the transparent windows underline the exciting contrast between the dark outside and the bright store. Meanwhile, our digital display heightens the sensory experience by staging a magical dance.

We designed the windows as a prominent feature in keeping with the building’s architecture. They position Orange as an innovative brand and a leading light in retail design.

Digital welcome: Admemori installed two digital columns to greet you as you enter the store. Larger-than-life characters welcome customers in an enthusiastic and playful way. They embody the dynamic, digital and cool nature of the Orange brand.

Our strategic aims:

1. To differentiate this retail brand using transparent digital technology.
2. To add a new dimension to customer experience.
3. To stand out in the highly competitive retail sector.
4. To entice passing trade into the store with our original creative content.
5. To use original content that makes passers-by want to photograph the windows and share them on social.



Design and creative content, concept ana strategy