Digital Shopping Experience

Our originality speaks out to passers-by at Orange’s new Concept Store.
Our digital shop windows create differentiation through technology.

ADMEMORI worked with the Orange branding team on the opening of their biggest ever concept store. The flagship store is competitively located right opposite the Apple store in the prestigious Opéra area of Paris. ADMEMORI dreamed up the design and created digital windows so it’s always Showtime.

ADMEMORI’s strategy takes full artistic advantage of the sheer size and clear visibility offered by the store’s windows on all floors. Our creative content was designed as a call and response across the building, high and low. The core concept sees these shop windows call out to engage the public in ‘conversation’. Our dramatic use of the best in transparent technology sets Orange squarely on the digital stage. It reaches out to display the inside of the store to the public in the street outside. The perfect stage is set to display all Orange’s innovative technology.

Creative Content: ADMEMORI’s first video was inspired by the creativity of Orange’s BIG CHRISTMAS campaign. Its content strategy centers on the brand message, products on offer and an artistic masterpiece. The show goes on, and on, repeating for both Parisians and visitors alike.

Digital Welcome: ADMEMORI designed two 2.5m high digital columns and placed them at the entrance to the concept store. These welcome the public in an exciting and playful way, with characters at street level who embody the dynamic, digital and deeply cool nature of the ORANGE brand.

Our strategic aims:

1. To immerse visitors in the brand universe even from the street outside.
2. To draw the public into the shop.
3. To make more active use of visitors’ shopping time.
4. To play with the shop windows’ transparency and add some showmanship for a new type of customer relationship.



Strategic planning / Design / Content creation