Plaza Rio 2

Digital shopping experience

Enhance the shopping area and create a dynamic signage between graphic design and information.

ADMEMORI has created various digital contents for the entire digital route of Plaza Rio 2 shopping center in Madrid. This work is part of a renewal of content desired by the center. The creation of ADMEMORI’s content creates an impact for visitors at various strategic points of the shopping route: giant exterior façade screen with transparent LED entry, 4 interior columns, 2 “Mondrian” digital installations and 1 majestic circular ring .

5 artistic or graphic films have been designed for each of the digital installations, some adapted to the format of each location to play coherence in the tour itinerary:

“Fruit splash” to create appetite and invite visitors to the foodcourt located on the top floor
“Cube”: to present the services of the shopping center
“Reveal”: to stage the mall logo
“Vegetal”: to bring a vegetal impression to the space
“Twist”: to give more impact to the signage by an effect of physicality, an optical illusion that causes the columns to deform via a twisting effect


1. Enhance the space to increase its attractiveness.
2. Reinforce the impact of the mall’s signage by integrating a graphic dimension.


CLIENT : PLAZA RIO 2 – LOCATION : Espagne, Madrid – DATE : 2018

Content design and production : ADMEMORI