How we created a memorable shopping experience.

ADMEMORI worked with real estate operator APSYS on a digital transformation of the shopping experience at Posnania. This is the biggest commercial property project in the region, and was recently opened by Eva Longoria. The Center’s catchment area boasts a million shoppers within 45 minutes. ADMEMORI designed a creative digital experience comprising two large, stand-out screens and associated content. These two installations are fully integrated into the site’s architecture, enhancing the mall’s cutting-edge public space. They bring a new dimension to the shopping experience, a distillation of the latest innovations in retailing and lifestyle malls.

Creative digital artwork: Our majestic, cylindrical ellipse hangs in the huge atrium and reflects onto the mirrored ceiling. It gives shoppers their first stunning impression of Posnania. Its strong welcome message can even be seen from outside. Deeper within the Center, at one of the busiest crossroads, a 180° ribbon screen 50m wide and 1.5m high stops visitors in their tracks in wonder at the artistry. The last of our installations is a giant, double-sided totem with an impact to match. A vertical screen appeals greatly to shoppers on both levels of the Center.

Creative content: Our first ‘wallpaper’ artwork is inspired by fashion photography and newspaper collages, seasoned with a hint of traditional Polish style. It positions Posnania squarely in the world of fashion and lifestyle. A second film, ‘Rosas’, brings a new dimension to the space it occupies. ‘Paper art’ invites visitors to dive into an aquatic environment based on paper quilling techniques. ‘Christmas to Posnania’ takes you on a journey through the world’s great capitals – from Paris to London, New York to Shanghai – and onwards to Posnania: your festive destination of choice. Finally, ‘Energy Posnania’ offers an interlude. It captures the Center’s branding and reflects its ballet of light – in the mall’s signature purple – out into Poznan. All content is viewed on transparent LED technology.

This digital experience was designed to:

1. Extend the shopping experience
2. Give warmth to the majestic inorganic spaces
3. Make the shopping experience even brighter.



Strategic planning / Design / Content creation