SoLocal Group

Corporate art experience

Using ADMEMORI’S unique blend of digital artistry and design, SoLocal has now been is displaying its core identity at the heart of its headquarters. By entrusting ADMEMORI with this creative digital concept and design aimed at employees and visitors, SoLocal is demonstrating the added value digital artistry brings to the corporate world. SoLocal are the European market leaders in locally-targeted digital communications. They have revolutionized the traditional rules of corporate communications since moving into their new HQ in the Citylights towers at Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris.

ADMEMORI designed a series of digital bas-reliefs accentuating the huge windows that lend structure to the visitor reception. We highlight the data at the core of the Group’s corporate identity, with new creative content scheduled to appear each month. ADMEMORI’s highly original approach reveals SoLocal’s market positioning by injecting a vibrant, inspirational digital atmosphere into the reception for employees and visitors alike.

Extracts from artworks presented on the ‘bas-relief’ screens in our video:

▪ LIA – Expanding Shapes
▪ MATTIA CASALEGNO – Left-handed
▪ MIKE PELLETIER – Time of Flight

Our strategic aims:

1. To signal the company’s difference, right from the reception.
2. To disrupt traditional expectations of communications.
3. To immerse SoLocal employees in a new form of expression.
4. To stand out as an employer who’s ahead of the game.



Strategy, design, concept