Our aim: to express the brand’s DNA and add value to the business’s real estate.

ADMEMORI supported the renovation of SoLocal Group’s new HQ in the Citylights towers overlooking the cultural eco-city on the Ile Seguin. Data is at the very heart of the SoLocal brand. ADMEMORI wanted to celebrate this, and created a new form of visitor landmarks which also gives employees a positive view of their workplace.

We go beyond merely providing information: our first installation sets SoLocal’s corporate tone and reveal its digital identity right in the lobby. The second installation is designed like a series of bas-reliefs accentuating the huge windows that lend structure to the visitor reception. We shed an artistic light on SoLocal’s core values


CLIENT : Solocal Group   LOCATION : Solocal Headquarters, Paris – France   DATE : 2016

Strategic planning / Design / Content creation