Our aim: to transform the point of sale into an innovative retail experience and enhance shoppers’ enjoyment.

Admemori worked with Carlipa for the Richemont Group on the digital launch of TimeVallée’s new brand, and rolled out its multi-brand watch concept store to China. This first concept store sells 12 luxury watch brands. Our digital strategy faced three challenges:
1-embody an innovative customer relations policy;
2-transform a purchase into an interactive experience;
3-add brand value within Au-delà de l’Idée store’s interior design brief, tailored as closely as possible to the relevant brand identities.

Digital equipment:
1-The Watch Bar presents the history and iconic timepieces from each watch company.
2-The NewsBook unveils themed and newly-issued watches.
3-The Time Line reveals the history and key dates of each brand. This is a four-meter-high, interactive chronological frieze replaces screensavers as it detects a shopper approaching.
4-The WatchSlates are interactive presentation tables to highlight the brands’ iconic product ranges to customers.
5-The Secret Room offers a special experience combining comfort, design and technology for selected guests. A huge digital artwork on the wall takes the visitor on an exclusive journey through the secrets of exceptional-quality timepieces.

Benefits and opportunities for the Richemont Group:
1-A modern location in keeping with the watch brands;
2-Products are presented in an innovative way;
3-The surroundings promote the impulse to purchase.


CLIENT : Richemont Group   LOCATION : Nanjing – China

Strategic planning, content creation