Air France

Brand Experience

Get passengers with a French artistic signature.

ADMEMORI, at the request of the design agency Brandimage, has updated the welcome film in the passenger seat screens of the Business, Premium Economy and Economy classes of the airline AIR FRANCE for its new Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. The film presents AIR FRANCE’s French elegance and French savoir-faire in the style of a timeless kaleidoscope. Architectural ornament of Parisian monuments, patterns imbued with fashion, abstract lines, landmarks of the brand Air France (Accent and Hippocampe) compose by games of reflection and animation, the experience of home loop to the boarding passengers. Each class offers the same movie to create a unique customer experience. The customization is based on a color palette specific to each class.


CLIENT : AIR FRANCE           LOCATION : PARIS            DATE : 2019

Creation and animation of contents: ADMEMORI – Identity design: BRAND IMAGE.