Welcome Signature

To contribute to the rental value.

ADMEMORI, commissioned by the real estate fund Harbert Management Corporation, imagined and designed a digital gesture of reception in semi-transparent LED through the facade of the entrance of the office asset WELL WEST. It is one of the first office buildings in France to offer a digital art experience embracing the architecture fully seen from the street by a game of transparency. 

Like an aerial aquatic signature that echoes with the beautiful view of the Seine River from the floors of the asset, ADMEMORI has created a 3D film called “WAVE”. The main feature of this artistic film comes in the creative animation of a digital wave that horizontally marries the white lines of decoration of the facade of the building. The film reveals, in a digital aquatic environment, the identity of WELL WEST building.


• To create an attractive welcome signature.
• To contribute to the rental value.


CLIENT : WELL WEST           LOCATION : PARIS – FRANCE           DATE : 2019

Strategy & Concept design, content creation: ADMEMORI – Technology Installation: FlexLedLight.